Sunday, September 05, 2004

Humm...The Journey Begins

This isn't my first attempt at getting a blog going. I formerly developed my own blogging application and hosted it on my own site, I built the blogging tool to allow a friend of my to journal his experiences while spending a few months over in Australia.

The site is now dead. I just can not seem to keep up with maintaining my own personal site. I am a web developer by day and Husband/Father of 2 kids by night. Sometimes these two trades intermingle but more often then not when I pull the car into the garage at night I am looking forward to spending some time with my wife, Teri, and our son and daughter, Evan and Abby.

I have gotten the itch to start a blog again and have been looking around for either some freeware that I can install on my own host or to sign up with a free blogging service. As of now I have obviously decided to go the free service route.

The downside is that I am really tied to how decides to do things in the future. The upside is this will allow me to really focus on fulfilling my journaling itch and not worry to much about setup, config and construction of a freeware blogging tool.

Only time will tell.


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