Monday, September 06, 2004

Time Entry

I just got done entering my time for last week. It is due by noon on Monday but the Boss wants it done by 8am Monday(Tuesday this week since it was Labor Day weekend). In all fairness I have no problem with that. He has to get his approval done ASAP so he can move on to bigger and better things. I just hate the process of getting it entered.

Right now we have no tie-in with our project list of what we are currently working on. So we constantly have to request that a certain project be added to our list so we can book time to it. We are getting closer to defining an app that might easy this pain a bit. We still will have to manually enter our time into a different system but a list of current and future projects coming down the pipeline would be nice.

I guess I am just bitter right now since I can't enter my time remotely. We need some sort of network install of the time entry app in order to get it to work for a VPN connection. Right now I term into dev and just enter it from there.


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