Monday, June 06, 2005

My first PC

Ah yes...The IBM PCjr. What a machine!

Here is a picture of a the boot screen.

Although we mostly played games on it, there were times when we would actually be productive. Alone with the PCjr came a BASIC/BASICA programming book. It was a tutorial of different things you can do with the language. I have not seen the book yet but did find a picture of the Cartridge that allow you to do some extra stuff with BASIC.

It is the one on the right. We didn't have the one on the left.

The joystick that allowed us to play...Touchdown Football, Bird vs Jordan, Dr. J Hoops and the greatest game ever...Jumpman. We had a large amount of games. Most were remakes of classics like instead of Donkey Kong it was David's Kong, Space Invader was Space Vade etc. The game we played most besides Jumpman was 3D Deamon and Pango.


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