Friday, September 09, 2005

Hello from Microsoft Word

Hello from Microsoft Word 2000! Yes this blog was created, spell checked, grammar checked and posted all inside of word. No copy and pasting. No other word processor program like w.bloggar was used.

This new plug-in from takes your word document and uploads it to your blog. Very cool stuff. Certainly no reason now to not consistently blog, right!?!

This is certainly of interest to me since our content management system at work does a lot of Word to HTML translation. The content is actually stored in .doc files and then rendered to a webpage using a conversion process taking the contents of the word doc and converting it into Html following some predefined templates. These templates allow you to configure what happens during this conversion process. For example, the template can be setup to strip out all bolding or font tags as it renders the content.

So on a sad note, I’ll surely say good by to w.bloggar. It has been very good to me!


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