Wednesday, September 08, 2004

intraVnews - Feed Reader & RSS Aggregator for Outlook

If you are running Outlook XP or above this is certainly a plug-in you must check out. It certainly changes the way you search the net to stay informed.

I have not added many different news feeds yet but the ones I have I really enjoy. The info I am getting back without doing any work on my part is sweet. I have a few Technical feeds; Slashdot, MSDN, CNet News. ESPN feed handles my sporting needs and a couple misc. blogs I have found here and there.


  • Toast that pops up when news blogs are found.
  • Self cleanup. I have mine set to clean up blogs older then a couple days
  • Build right into Outlook. Perfect fit since I have this email client open all day anyway. Makes no sense to have another app open all day just to handle rss feeds.


  • Looks like they are charging for version 1.1. Don't get me wrong. I am all for changing money. I understand people have to eat and paying money should eliminate any thought of spyware being stuff into it. I guess this topic could be a post for another day :) On the other hand, it has been free thus far so charging now just seems like a disappointment.
  • The Toast that pops up is great but at times there are many new blogs found. It would be nice if you could scroll the Toast after it has finished collecting. Currently it just pushes its findings off the toast window once it reaches a certain number.


  • Solid 2 thumbs up if Outlook is your companies email client.


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