Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Live from the iMac

The wireless adapter/gateway did arrive today. I must say it is a great piece of hardware. It is a D-Link DWL-810+ and is very easy to work with. I am impressed with the amount of information posted on D-Links site.

I first hooked it up to my WinXP Laptop and configured it. I followed the setup instructions and it walked me through the whole process.

I then un-plugged it and walked out to my garage where I am keeping the iMac (Yes, I still can say I don't have a Mac in my house *whew*), fired up the iMac, powered up the gateway and connected it to the ethernet port on the iMac. I am now typing from the iMac out in my Garage without having to do an ounce of configurtion on the iMac.

Check #1 item off of my list :)


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