Thursday, September 30, 2004

Price of Security

Have you ever thought about the price we pay for security. Maybe we avoid thinking about it so it doesn't drive us completely mad.

Being involved in the I.T. world I guess I am more aware of security but I rarely stop to think about the cost. Everything from the locks on your car doors to the firewall configured on your home network router. Time, money and resources have been thrown at making things "more secure".

In the corporate world, security certainly has priority over almost anything. It has all the momentum backing it, making things secure and securing things that are already secure but really not secure enough is a high priority. Security is certainly is a buzz word management loves throwing around.

I guess the reason why I starting thinking about the cost was something that has occurred over my lunch break. We have a nice patio on the side of our building. It is a nice sitting area with a couple of picnic tables and surrounded by landscaping. No body ever uses it and I found out why today. There are two doors that go out to the patio and both are locked with alarms on them. The work is, they don't want people going in and out for security reasons.

So in this case, the cost of security wasn't monetary, time or resources but freedom! Have the criminals and terrorists won?


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