Monday, April 11, 2005

FireFox on Steriods has posted a nifty tutorial about making Firefox faster.

Friday, April 01, 2005


Some of the fruits of my labor started to show up today.

This morning Abby needed to go down for her nap. So I took her downstairs away from the action (it is Evan's Potty Training Weekend) so she could settle down. She quickly feel asleep, giving me sometime time to catch up on my HTPC recordings. I am in the early stages and am currently previewing Showshifter. So far it is unreal and I can do pretty much anything I need to using my Logitech Direct Duo mouse.

I check my recorded shows and picked G4's "Attack of the Show", It used to be called "The Screen Savers" but like all the rest of TechTV's shows it is gone forever. Sad really but that is a blog for another day. Anyway, I selected the show recorded the night before and watched in awe as the picture and sound was perfect. I was able to skip the 3 minute commercials and before you knew it, the show was over and Abby was awake.

Watching what you want, when you want! It is a beautiful thing!

BTW...I am writing this after a very exhausting day poddy training our first son. My wife is a miracle worker and my son never ceases to amaze me!