Monday, June 06, 2005

My first PC

Ah yes...The IBM PCjr. What a machine!

Here is a picture of a the boot screen.

Although we mostly played games on it, there were times when we would actually be productive. Alone with the PCjr came a BASIC/BASICA programming book. It was a tutorial of different things you can do with the language. I have not seen the book yet but did find a picture of the Cartridge that allow you to do some extra stuff with BASIC.

It is the one on the right. We didn't have the one on the left.

The joystick that allowed us to play...Touchdown Football, Bird vs Jordan, Dr. J Hoops and the greatest game ever...Jumpman. We had a large amount of games. Most were remakes of classics like instead of Donkey Kong it was David's Kong, Space Invader was Space Vade etc. The game we played most besides Jumpman was 3D Deamon and Pango.

Friday, June 03, 2005


I just partook in my first woot purchase. It was for the Remington Titanium Shaver with Smart Cleaning Dock. Fathers day present. Impressive! I saw the item, clicked on the "I Want" button, signed up for an account and submitted the order in less then 5 minutes. I have been watching this site for about a year now. Some pretty amazing deals.


Remington Titanium Shaver with Smart Cleaning Dock

It’s not your father’s electric razor (yet, until you give it to him on Fathers’ Day)!

$59.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Compared to other puss-tonsorial implements, the flaks at Remington say this razor is “sharper,” “faster” and “superior.” They ought to know. They’re in the razor business, after all. Without a doubt, it’s shinier. Look at this thing gleam! With its chrome finish and trio of impossible-not-to-anthropomorphize shaver heads, you’ll feel like you’re rubbing C-3PO on your face.

It’s funny, we were just thinking of Remington’s late owner Victor Kiam earlier this week at our local gentleman’s club. See, we happened to like this particular dancer so much, we purchased her company.

But we digress.

These R-9500s are lovingly recertified by Remington to new specifications including all new shaver heads, and include a One-year Remington warranty.

With more blades than any other rotary shaver, you can count on the Ultra Titanium razor for a faster face-scraping. Its blades are titanium-coated, too, so they stay sharper longer for maximum closeness and comfort. It’s also got a pop-up trimmer for precision shaving and an automatic cleaning unit.

Have you gotten your old man anything yet? This makes a great Fathers’ Day gift! Every time your dad does his daily dermal denuding, he’ll think of you. And not the way he does now, either, gashing himself with his old-school razor and thinking “ah, once again I am losing face. That reminds me of my disappointing progeny.”


Condition: Factory Recertified by Remington

Warranty: 1 Year Remington Warranty

State-of-the-art titanium-coated blades stay sharper longer than stainless steel blades for maximum closeness and comfort

More total floating action than other rotary shavers

More blades than other rotary shavers for closer shaving

More cutting revolutions per minute give this rotary more power than other rotary shavers

Easy-view pop-up trimmer precisely grooms sideburns, mustache and neckline

Cleaning and charging base

55 minutes of run time

Chrome finish

Model No. R-9500

Smart Cleaner – Automatically cleans, charges and renews your shaver to keep it delivering Maximum Closeness and Comfort, day after day.

Cleans – The automatic system jet-cleans stubble and debris from the shaver heads. Disposable filter keeps solution clean.

Charges – Shaver automatically charges when placed in the base

Renews – Not only cleans, but also lubricates blades to optimize your shaver’s performance every day.

Simplifies – Indicator light tells you when the system is charging, cleaning, or needs to have its solution replaced.

World’s first shaver with state-of-the-art TITANIUM-coated blades – stay sharper longer for Maximum Closeness and Comfort, shave after shave! Guaranteed.

Performance – Titanium coating keeps blades sharper longer than stainless steel.

Responsive – More total floating action* than any other rotary.

Fast – More blades than any other rotary for a fast shave

Close – Ultra-thin heads get blades extra close to skin

Power – More cutting RPMs than any other rotary

Precise – Easy-View® pop-up trimmer precisely grooms sideburns,mustache, and neckline.

Durable – High-quality chrome finish withstands the rigors of shaving and cleaning.

Ultra-advanced electronic system simplifies your shaving experience with these select features:

Shaving Time Remaining

Head Replacement Reminder

Time to Recharge Shaver

Quick Charge 5 minutes = 1 Shave 60 minutes = Full charge

60-minute Run Time for Up to 3 weeks of cordless shaving

Cord/Cordless Shaving for use with or without cord

Worldwide Travel – Automatic worldwide voltage and Deluxe travel pouch

Accessories Included:

Travel pouch

Cleaning Brush

Power Cord

Cleaning Fluid

Cleaning Base