Monday, September 12, 2005

Spam comments in my blog

The comments on my last post disturb me. I knew what the comments were as soon as I saw more then one. I certainly don’t expect comments since most people don’t find anything here too inspiring and I really do not promote my blog so comments will be far and few between.

Who are these people who waste everyone’s time, including theirs. They write scripts that find new blog posts and then spam the comment section. What is the success rate? It has to be below .001%. Is it really worth it? I just don’t get it. What is the true R.O.I.?

If you are talented enough to write these scripts then getting a real job or finding a quality way to make a living really shouldn’t be that hard. Put those talents to good use, they are totally wasted right now! Come up with something cleaver. You see it almost everyday. Something new, exciting and things that make the Internet greater each day it survives.

Spam is so 2003!


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