Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yahoo! Music Unlimited Subscription Service

Total: $59.88 per year

You will not be charged for this service untilOctober 06, 2005

I decided to take the plunge and check out a music download service. If things go well for the next 7 days my plan is to look further into Creative’s Zen Micro mp3 player. $60 per year ($4.99/mo) is pretty tough to beat considering the cost of CD’s at BestBuy or any other retailer plus there tax and or shipping charges.

It is still $.79 per download if I want to burn certain tracks or albums. It seems even less then that considering the X&Y Coldplay album is $9.74.

So far the process seems pretty painless. I have downloaded the client install and after a couple reboots things appear to be working. The purchase process was a few simple steps and now things seem to be setup to begin downloading.


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