Friday, February 18, 2005

...Forgot the link

Here is the link to the w.Bloggar tool.

I actually stumbled upon this tool while using RSS Bandit. I have recently started using RSS Bandit as my news reader and am liking it a lot. The sweetest feature it provides is the ability to sync you blogs with another machine. This means I can keep up with my blogs all day at work and then upload my feeds to a configured server. Then when I get home I can import this uploaded feeds file and be in sync with what I read at work and not have to shuffle through feeds I have already read.

Anyway back to the discovery of w.Bloggar. While reading a block I wanted to post a reply so I tried to do it through the RSS Bandit interface. An error popped up saying I needed a tool installed to do it an it listed the w.Bloggar website.

I think this is a huge convenience boost to finding time to actual post to my blog without having to navigate to the Blogger website.


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